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You see that smile on my face? and yeah…the glowing skin? Don’t scream “skin goals” and envy me oooo, some even group me among small girl big god gang, “Jokes on you”. I resorted to trading after I got fed up of attending job interviews with all those frustrated HR that believe job seekers should worship at their feet. So many audio compliments about having a figure for modelling but no connection, “Who that one help?”

I got suicidal, being orphaned at a tender age is hell, the loneliness, the struggles,…….my childhood molestation replayed on my mind, I could feel my aunts grip on my tiny hands, dragging me to her bed to be raped by her beast of a husband who she couldn’t satisfy because of his high libido. I saw terrible things, I did terrible things, sometimes I looked forward to it. “Thrust your judgement down your throat.”

I confided in Chisom and the human introduced me to drugs. Not like I didn’t see that coming, what else could I expect from Chisom the black sheep of her family, someone that offered me tramadol when I had fever. I became an addict, taking Colorado, rohypnol and loud as my daily bread. It made me feel better, relieved and at peace, or so I thought.

It took five long like really long weeks of medication and psychiatric care to get me back to my senses. I had auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations, a lot of times I saw my dead parents and had conversations with them. “Wait for me!, I must follow this time, Wakanda wahala is this? You give birth to a child and vanish on a honey moon that has no end, we don’t do that here, it’s only you people that like better thing abi?” Some of the things i remember saying. This nurse said I am the funniest patient she ever met, “Should I take that as a compliment?”

I had to go thank the gentle man that took me to the hospital and paid my bills, although I wasn’t sure if I was to be grateful to him for saving me from hallucinating, or sad that I am back to my senses, homeless and broke. Well, I am a Marlian with manners so I had to do the needful.

The home address I was given wasn’t his, the lady I met gave me new clothes to change into, pulled out a box and bag and drove me to a place she addressed as my temporary home, also sponsored by the gentle man. “Like seriously? This has to be a movie cause what????” in my still amazed state, she bade me farewell.

I have never felt my heart beat this hard, it felt like my whole life was behind that door. ”What if he is into human trafficking? What would he demand in return?” I opened the office door, he was on call. ”Damn! The guy is cute, see that smile, Chinekenna”. I felt at ease, I was convinced that the handsome guy seated in front of me, making signal for me to seat, with that contagious smile, couldn’t hurt a fly.

I was right, David was the kindest person I ever knew, my dream of modelling came to life at no cost. He became my manager, I was bagging deals left, right and center, took up major movie roles, ambassadorship for top brands, covered magazines, “opooooor”. My net worth was more than I ever dreamt of, not even in my widest dreams.

“I am deeply in love with my manager”, I could only say that to my teddy and mirror. “How do I make it known to him? What if he doesn’t feel the same way about me? What if my confession ruins our friendship and partnership?” I was ready to kill my feelings if that’s all it takes to keep him as my best friend, the fear of the unknown got the better part of me.

“Is that tiny stars and butterfly I see?” he freaking feels the same way about me. He had his fears too but it didn’t stop him from shooting his shot. “Yes, yes, yes, I will be your wife, fulltime, be good at it, get promoted,…….” I have been watching too much of Rick and Morty, i didn’t even remember to cry, his kiss stopped me from ranting.

This day, I walk down the aisle with my hero.


Which celebrity would you like us to create a picture story for next and what’s your opinion about our first episode?

  1. Pray says

    This is really interesting. It made a nice read.
    Well done. How about Beverly Naya for the next episode…I just love black complexion,no prejudices intended.

    1. jeaniepearl says

      Thanks for your feedback, i will consider your request.

  2. Justin says

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    Keep up the good work– and hope you all take care of
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