Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.


A virus originated from the virology lab of Wuhan China?
A trigger to end wild life consumption in China?
A strike from God to cause people to acknowledge him?
A punishment from nature for destruction caused by human?
A war weapon against the world from an invisible enemy?

Friday night out with friends
Cool handshake with our best buddy
Movie date with a lover
O even worship with brethren’s
Things that gave life meaning
Sacrificed just to breathe

There is echo in the streets
Stay safe they say
For some reason, toilet paper is missing in malls in America
Less Church gathering, more traffic on pornhub
It respects no color, country, religion or class

A mild dry cough
Tender and sore eyes
Headache and fever that doesn’t go away
Very low energy
Shortness of breath
Death, panic, depression
Its malicious effect on man

To the health workers who put in their all
Leaders and citizens that played a good part
Souls that were lost
The world celebrates you

The next generation will read this
Not as a pandemic that ended the world or most of it
But a disease that was conquered in 2020

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